The Park

Hotel Terme Marconi is surrounded by a vast green park (25,000 sqm) with a wide variety of trees, including evergreens and fruit trees.

Parco esterno con ombrelloni e lettini

In the Green


You can reach the park easily from the hotel car park or straight from the adjacent Olympic pool green area. Many guests like to position their sun loungers in this lush green space to enjoy its peace and quiet and to get some sun.

Parco con laghetto

Oasis of Peace


If you take a walk in the park or sit on one of the benches to relax or read, you can do so around the small but picturesque natural lake. Observe the attractive moorhens swimming on the water, or the egrets, undisturbed, resting on its banks.

The lake is an exclusive oasis of calm, which all guests can enjoy without having to worry about leaving the hotel area.

Outdoor sports

There is a fitness trail in the park, with various indications for exercises at each station, ideal for those wanting a workout. There are also two clay tennis courts and an area equipped for bowling, where our guests can enjoy competing in friendly matches.

Hotel con giardino



Finally, opposite the main hotel entrance is a lovely and welcoming garden with flowers and trees, recently renovated. When the weather is fine, you can sit out in the comfortable sofas and chairs and, on summer nights, relax in the cool.



At Hotel Marconi, bike storage is provided, whether you bring it with you or rent it (the latter can be done at the hotel’s main entrance).

Hotel con possibilità di noleggio Bici