Fitness room

Intended for improving cardiovascular fitness and the respiratory system through the use of specific tools that constantly monitor the heart rate.

Palestra attrezzata



The gym, spacious, light and well-equipped, is a popular spot for sport-lovers who wish to maintain their fitness regime even while at the spa, or for those who want to try out some of the equipment.

Palestra attrezzata

Good start


During the morning, an instructor specialised in posture exercises is available for small groups, or, if preferred, individuals, offering tailored workouts, also good for getting the muscles going at the start of the day.

Rediscover time

A stay at the spa can thus be a chance to take part in activities which you don’t always have time for at home.


An effective and long-lasting treatment method for back pain, such as backache, lumbosciatica and neck pain.

It is a course that combines theory and practice, aimed at those who regularly suffer from back pain and those who wish to prevent it. The idea is for attendees to learn to correctly manage their own vertebral column and protect it during their various daily activities, by way of specific preventative exercises that re-educate the body’s motor system.


An effective and long-lasting treatment using targeted exercises to improve the body’s alignment, posture and use of thereof, giving the patient better control of their body. This improves muscular flexibility and strengthens the muscles that help them to maintain posture.

It also re-adjusts the respiratory system and slowly and gently mobilises the patient, while employing relaxation techniques that release muscle tension.


The purpose of stretching is to help release tension, stiff muscles and energy blockage, through exercises that lengthen the muscles. This improves overall flexibility, thus makes the movements required in daily life easier and more fluid, more coordinated. It prevents overexertion in order to reduce fatigue. Doing the same exercises in thermal spring water also produces good results.


When it comes to physical and rehabilitative medicine, the Hotel makes use of a department devoted to physiotherapy. It handles a range of problems in the body’s motor system and debilitating injuries.

Rehabilitative treatments – often involving tools and equipment – are used to treat injuries such as: muscular stiffness, hypotrophy and hypotonia, as well as pain and contractions, atrophy, issues with circulation and neurological problems.

It is also effective in treating chest muscles to improve the respiratory system.