Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a magnificent discipline in sport and wellbeing that takes place in the open air.

Nordic walking Colli Euganei



It was created many years ago by Finnish cross-country skiers who needed a way to train during the summer months. It is a low-impact activity that tones the muscles and instils correct posture in the body, without damaging the joints. Anyone of any age can practice Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking


It is 40% more effective than walking without poles, it requires more energy, the poles lessen the weight carried by the body itself, it boosts oxygen flow around the body and it keeps you active. Boosting stamina, strength, mobility and coordination, it loosens muscle contraction in the shoulders and neck, slows the ageing process, does not strain the heart, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress.

Soft Sport

It is therefore ideal for those recovering from illnesses, as it improves their condition much faster.
The cycling/walking routes are also much used for Nordic walking. The hotel can provide Nordic walking sticks, as well as a qualified instructor who can give lessons or create small groups to practice the sport in the hotel park.