Thermal Pools

Hotel Marconi has four thermal pools, which will always be the focal point of your stay, whether for a simple Spa Day, a weekend or longer stays.

Piscina interna

Relax indoor


With your hotel bathrobe and towel, access is via the two lifts conveniently located near the spa area. You can thus dip into the pools’ beneficial thermal spring waters without having to leave the hotel. So there’s no problem even in bad weather…in fact you’ll discover the pleasure of immersing yourself in hot water, perhaps while watching the rain or snow falling.
The covered pool ensures the utmost protection if you prefer to stay completely in the warm.

Piscina esterna

Whirlpool and sunbeds


But the magic and convenience of this pool is that, by crossing a narrow corridor within it, you’ll find yourself in an open pool fitted with hydromassage stations, including beds, where the water will pleasantly massage you and where you can also sunbathe a little. The newest of the four pools has, along its sides, comfortable hydromassage cubicles. Once inside, you won’t even notice the time passing, especially when chatting to the person in the next cubicle.

Well-deserved relaxation

There are comfortable loungers throughout the spa area, both in the covered area and in the green of the park, for some well-deserved relaxation.

For swimming


In the Olympic pool, surrounded by greenery, you can swim or enjoy splashing about with the pool floats, comfortable and brightly coloured and a joy for children and those unable to swim. In all the thermal pools, according to guests’ needs and the season, hydrokinesis therapy, aquagym and rehabilitation exercises are available.

Piscina olimpionica per nuoto

The added value of a thermal water


This is a program aimed at restoring the physiological functions of the joints and muscles after injury.
The environment – thermal spring water – in which this treatment takes place, means the patient is able to move freely and without impact: the up thrust of the water supports the body, helping the muscles to relax. The water provides a gentle massaging effect that relieves pain. On the whole, it acts without putting any stress on the muscles.


Swimming in the sea or in the lake, but also in swimming pools, where the water temperature is on average about 25 ° C., often requires pre-warming. In order to adjust to the water temperature the movements are performed at a higher rate and therefore this is often not psychologically accepted by all. But if swimming is carried out in thermal water, like the water of our swimming pools, where the water reaches an average temperature of 35 ° C., you have benefits from a physiological point of view. As a matter of fact, since the water temperature does not require a warming up before tackling the exercise, swimming can begin slowly while the workload increases progressively.

The rhythm can be less intensive, allowing the muscles that are contracted to have sufficient time to relax and consequently to achieve a good physiological recovery. For these reasons swimming in thermal water can meet everyone’s needs.


Suitable for everyone. A complete exercise class that tones the muscles and increases flexibility, with easy-to-follow steps. Exercise in the water requires a greater effort than the same actions on land. Just a few movements are enough to firm up the muscles, making them appear more toned and shapely. Acquagym is a great way to slim down and tone the body without the risk of overloading the muscles and joints. Just one Acquagym class strengthens the muscles and makes you appear slimmer.

The class also makes the most of the water’s massaging effect over the entire body. As you exercise, the pressure of the water benefits fatty tissues and helps fight cellulite. That is why many women love this physical activity.

Its beneficial role extends to the blood and lymphatic circulation, effectively preventing overloading in the lower limbs and fighting varicose veins and water retention. You do not need to know how to swim to take part. Acquagym classes take place in shallow swimming pools or at the edge of pools with the help of floats.

It is an activity suitable for pregnant women: due to its low impact nature, it is recommended for women during pregnancy. The risk of injury is practically zero, making exercise in the water perfect for anyone with joint problems or back injuries. It is also recommended for anyone suffering from arthrosis. Acquagym is fun, as well as being the perfect way to slim down and improve mood. It is a group activity, set to music, and lets participants release tension and stress. Acquagym classes will make you feel more in shape, more relaxed and happier.