Mud therapy

The mud bath is an entirely natural form of treatment that is centuries old. The mud is mixed with natural thermal spring water from this volcanic territory. It is left to “mature” for around 60 days in tanks specially designed for the purpose. The process significantly alters the mud’s organic makeup, vastly improving its heat-retention qualities and enriching it with proteins.

The mud bath


Various forms of rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis, sciatica, lumbago and the long-term effects of fractures, contusions, sprains and dislocation. It is ideal for preventing injury and strengthening the immune system, as the mud removes toxins, counteracts stress and ageing and helps keep the skin looking healthy. Natural, side-effect free treatments are attracting younger and younger patients, a preference that manifests in the enthusiasm with which they are taking up mud therapy.

Fango Termale Beauty

Beauty and Wellness


Mud baths are also a fantastic way to improve skin, especially for those who suffer from acne or greasiness. The thermal mud is an anti-oxidant that regenerates the skin and, together with a preparatory steam and the use of oil in a specific type of massage, it can be an excellent, totally natural and revitalising face mask.

How does mud therapy work?

The mud baths are located within the Hotel’s treatment rooms and the therapy carried out by specialised staff. They apply the mud directly onto the affected part of the body at a temperature prescribed in advance by the Hotel doctor.
After the mud is removed, patients take a thermal shower and then an ozone bath. Each patient has their own bath, close to body temperature. Ozone stimulates and promotes circulation in wet skin and, as the warm water increases its permeability, the ozone can reach into the deepest layers of the tissue.
The Bath Spa, due to the pressure caused by water, is ideal for joints, pain syndromes and muscular atrophy and it is important in therapy, rehabilitation programs after trauma, fractures and surgery. In addition, the chemical composition of water is useful for the resolution of chronic inflammatory processes and many types of dermatitis.